Design Tips For Small Gardens April 13, 2007

Design Tips For Small Gardens April 13, 2007

Nowadays it seems our gardens and backyards are getting smaller and smaller, especially when property development and sub division is increasingly more common place. The challenge is, how do we get the most from our courtyard areas without feeling claustrophobic.

There are a few techniques you can implement to give your courtyard a feeling of space whilst also maximising efficiency. These can be to build in seating, walled gardens, tall screen plantings, vertical gardens, minimal furniture, light colours and simple design.

When you are out in your garden you should feel relaxed and at peace. Get rid of excessive pots and clutter, stick to one feature colour, one feature tree/pot and remember, less is more. You don’t want your space to feel chaotic. Chaotic is what most people deal with in there everyday working lives. Your garden is meant to be an escape from this.

Another important thing to consider is shade and the direction your property faces in relation to the sun. This should be observed and noted before you start putting pen to paper. The last thing you want, is to position a shade loving plant in the direct hot afternoon sun, this is just a waist of time and money. This also applies to the position of your BBQ. Your BBQ should be located close to your entertaining area and protected from the sun as much as possible. No one wants be separated from their party guests, standing in the direct afternoon sun over a hot grill.

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