A jaw-dropping garden begins with a detailed landscape design, where it is an exceptionally important component in ensuring your outdoor space is delivered just as you envisioned.

Landscape designs have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, as outdoor spaces become more focused on extending our lifestyle to the outdoors. Custom designed, eco-friendly, low maintenance and visually high impact entertainment spaces, are some of the top requests we receive in the development process. Whatever the request may be, a detailed and tailored landscape design is essential to get your project perfect right from the get-go. 

Our landscape design process consists of a few stages, which are undertaken in a precise order, to produce the best design solutions for your new garden.

Step 1


  • Two of our experienced team members will meet with you on-site to develop a detailed understanding of your needs and requirements, including your wish list and vision for your outdoor space.
  • Meeting face-to-face on site is the most effective way to understand your unique landscape challenges by visiting the site, meeting you in person, and tailoring a solution especially for you.
  • Together we will look at the existing architecture and the surroundings of the site. We will also discuss with you your budget and how you want to use your outdoor space.
  • With over 20 years experience in the landscaping industry we can also offer ideas and also show you some examples to guide you through creating your personalised landscaping project. 
  • A landscape design consultation involves a face to face meeting for a small fee.
  • After the site visit, Shape and Form will provide you will a fee proposal to design your landscaping project.

*Generally, some topics to consider for discussion would include; entertainment, shade, decking, lawn areas, formal or informal style, low or high maintenance, types of plants, images you've found which you would like to see in your own space, likes/dislikes and construction budget.

Step 2


  • Based upon our discussion at the initial consultation, our team will develop a detailed design fee proposal specifically for your project. This will then be emailed to you for your approval, to move onto the next stage in the process of developing your landscape design.

Step 3


  • Upon approval of your design fee proposal, one of our team members will call you to arrange a suitable time to visit your site once again.
  • During this visit, we will gather information such as photos, site measurements, topography, aspect, views to retain or block, height changes etc.
  • Following on from the site visit, we will commence working on your personalised landscape design. 

*Any documentation or building plans that you can provide us with, would be greatly appreciated 

Step 4


  • Based upon your design brief and the information gathered from the site analysis, a scaled landscape design will now be produced by one of our in-house Landscape Designers.
  • Your landscape design will include everything required to gain a quotation for construction, including:
    • A 2D scale drawing of your garden with annotations of certain elements in the garden.
    • Section elevations of the garden.
    • 3D renders of the garden.
    • A walk-through flyover video of the site.
    • Planting plan and plant schedule.
  • Your landscape design is presented to you in person, and we welcome client collaboration to ensure you are happy with the finalised design.  

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