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Landscape Design Principles – Scale, Balance and Proportion

Shape and Form landscapers are Melbourne’s Inner Eastern suburbs, premier choice for landscaping. Continuously following the design principles of scale,...

5 Landscape Design Principles To Guide Your Garden

  Designers often consider the four principles of landscape design to be order, proportion, repetition, transition and unity, with emphasis...

5 Building Blocks of a Good Landscape Design

Just as the interior of your home must complement the architecture and honour the landscape, the design of your home’s...

5 Tips – Landscape Design for Beginners

Though indoor-outdoor living offers dozens of benefits for mental, emotional and physical health, getting started on a garden can be...
Shape And Form

Improve the value of your home through landscaping – 5 steps

A beautifully landscaped yard will instantly boost the kerb-appeal of any home. If you are looking to sell your home,...
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Landscaping Ideas to Improve your Properties Value

The property market can be very volatile at times with prices going up and down depending on markets and economy....

How To Choose The Right Landscape Professional

If you love spending time outdoors in your garden, one thing you naturally want is for the area to look...
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5 Tips For a Winter Landscape Design

Winter is just around the corner and while people in Europe generally lock themselves indoors for the winter, the beauty...
Landscaping Design

What To Expect From An Initial Design Consultation

YES – Questions about what you want to achieve with your garden YES – Questions that will give your designer a better...
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How To Choose The Right Landscape Designer

Designing your outdoor space from scratch or renovating an existing space is exciting, but can often be overwhelming. It is...
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Curling Bluestone

What is curling bluestone and why does it affect specifically bluestone paving? I have personally had an area of bluestone...
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Laying Pavers Part 3 – Setting Out

Setting Out Your Paving Now that the physically hard stuff has been done, its time to prepare the area for...