The Landscape Construction Process

The Landscape Construction Process

A fantastic garden begins with good design that is inspirational, practical, eco-friendly, and individually tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Once you have a landscape design in place that your happy with, its then time to commence the landscape construction phase of the project.

This is usually the lengthiest, but most exciting stage of the process. It is where you’ll see your new garden come to life, however there is an order in which things need to happen.

Gilson Ampitheatre Under Construction
  • Permits

    Depending upon your project, generally the first step is to obtain a building permit. A permit is needed for structural items such as a deck of any size, a retaining wall over 1 metre, a retaining wall of any size on the boundary and a pergola over 10 square metres in roof area.

    We’ve successfully applied for many permits over the years. We can take care of this entire tedious process for you.

  • Excavation

    Once permits have been obtained we start to construct! The next stage of the process is excavation. Digging all the footings, post and stump holes and clearing unwanted vegetation. This stage alone generally makes a huge difference.

  • Foundations

    Pouring concrete footings for walls, concreting stumps and posts into position and concreting foundations for paved areas generally follows excavation. At this stage items such as lighting, irrigation or even a front gate intercom need to be thought about.

  • Construction Hardscape

    Once all the foundations are complete we start to build walls and construct the garden followed by laying paving. All the hard surfaces are installed at this stage, concrete paths, driveways, fencing, brick work, decks, pergolas and paving.

  • Plant, Soil and Mulch

    The final stage is to spread blended soil over garden beds. Irrigation is hooked up and installed. Plants are planted and mulch is applied to the beds. Things such as lighting, irrigation and turf are also installed at this stage. 

Step 1

Initial Consultation

  • One of our team will meet with you on-site to develop a detailed understanding of your needs and requirements, including your wish list and vision for your outdoor space. 30 minutes is generally a good amount of time to allow for this initial site visit.
  • From our on-site discussion we will then form your design brief.

*Generally, some topics to consider for discussion would include; entertainment, shade, decking, lawn areas, formal or informal style, low or high maintenance, types of plants, images you've found which you would like to see in your own space, likes/dislikes and construction budget.

Step 2

Design Fee Proposal

  • Based upon our discussion at the initial consultation, our team will develop a detailed design fee proposal specifically for your project. This will then be emailed to you for your approval, to move onto the next stage in the process of developing your landscape design.

Step 3

Site Analysis

  • Upon approval of your design fee proposal, one of our team members will call you to arrange a suitable time to visit your site once again.
  • During this visit, we will gather information such as photos, site measurements, topography, aspect, views to retain or block, height changes etc.

*Any documentation or building plans that you can provide us with, would be greatly appreciated 

Step 4

Landscape Design

  • Based upon your design brief and the information gathered from the site analysis, a scaled landscape design will now be produced by one of our in-house Landscape Designers.
  • Your landscape design will include everything required to gain a quotation for construction, including:
    • Landscape plan
    • Planting plan
    • Drainage plan
    • Specifications regarding materials and standard installation practice

Step 5

Construction Quote

  • Now that you have gained your Landscape Design, we have the ability to provide you with a detailed construction quote, including estimated timeframes for commencement and completion.
  • One of our team members will meet with you at a convenient time, to present your construction quote for your project.
  • Once your have approved your construction quote, we can then book your project in for commencement.

*If you so happen to already have a Landscape Design prepared from an external company, our construction services have the ability to quote from your design and construct.

Step 6

Construction Commencement

  • Now for the exciting part. Our team of skilled Landscapers can begin the process of bringing your new outdoor space to life, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

We specialise in all aspects of landscape construction

  • Paving – Natural stone including bluestone and granite.
  • Decking – Merbau, Spotted Gum or Composite
  • Retaining Walls – Sleeper walls, Gabion walls, Boulder embankments concrete block rendered walls or natural stone
  • Concreting – Driveways, paths, civil retaining walls, benches and disabled ramps.
  • Pergolas – Louvre systems or pitched roof plastered with fans and lighting.
  • Lawn – Seeded, instant or artificial turf
  • Plants – Full planting service including mulching
  • Irrigation – Fully automatic irrigation systems installed.
  • Garden Lighting – p lights beneath trees, strip lighting underneath bench seats or festoon lights in trees. We provide full installation.



Outdoor Paving

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