Do you have the ability to develop landscape designs? Or do I need to find someone, myself?

Yes, we offer landscape design services.

We have our own qualified landscape designer in house so we can complete the whole process from design to construction.

How much does a landscape design cost?

This is very much a "How long is a piece of string?" type question although we do our best to provide a starting point on landscape designs. 

Being a very complex and time consuming process, landscape designs have a lot of variables to consider when pricing comes into play. We do however like to be completely transparent so to provide a guide, landscape designs generally start at $2,500 plus GST per space. By "per space" we are referring to either the backyard or the front yard. If you were looking to get both your front and rear yards designed, pricing starts at $3,500 plus GST.

Once we are able to visit your property and have some discussions about what you are hoping to achieve, we can then put a design fee proposal together for you. 

How long does it take to complete a landscape design?

We always endeavour to deliver our landscape designs as efficiently as possible. It is however really important that we don't rush this process, as there are a number of important components which will build the foundations of your entire project. 

From the point that we come out to take measurements for your design, we aim to have your landscape design completed within two weeks. 

Do you have the ability to run multiple jobs at any one time or do you only focus on one job at a time?

With 3 team members in leadership positions, we have the ability to run multiple jobs at any one time.

I already have a landscape design. Can you construct from it?

Yes, we most certainly can construct off a design which you already have. We will still need to come out to your property to assess the site but we can then commence the process of quoting from your landscape design. 

What is your wait time like for construction?

This is a tricky question to answer, as it changes regularly based upon projects which are booked in. We always recommend asking this question when initially enquiring and then again once you have approved your landscape design. At this point, we can then provide more precise wait time estimates.

How much will construction cost?

This is a very challenging question to answer, prior to having a landscape design completed.

As you could imagine, every property is vastly different. Whether it's the size of the block, the fall of the land, the components which the client would like included in their new landscape construction. Every project is very different, and so is every budget. Our main goal is to work within each clients budget. So the first step in finding out "how much construction will cost" is to send us an enquiry and get the ball rolling.