Improve the value of your home through landscaping – 5 steps December 3, 2020

Improve the value of your home through landscaping – 5 steps December 3, 2020

A beautifully landscaped yard will instantly boost the kerb-appeal of any home. If you are looking to sell your home, do not underestimate the power of your landscape. A welcoming landscape can make a home feel extra cozy and inviting. A well designed and maintained garden area shows potential buyers that you care about your space and have put in the effort to look after it! Read below to learn how you can improve the value of your home with exceptional landscaping.

Determine your target market and follow trends.

Knowing what your buyer wants will help you cater to their needs. Buyers are unique, so think about who would be best suited to your space. A family with children might want more open space with vibrant colours to play and run, with few valuable or dangerous features throughout the landscape. On the other hand, modern aesthetics tend towards minimalism, so a couple without kids may be looking for a more quiet layout. Research contemporary landscape designs to inspire your plans, or take a walk around a neighbourhood you admire. What plants and hardscape features have they used?

Make your space functional

This tip is especially important for smaller yards. Landscapes should be enjoyed both visually and practically. Plant to complement the existing space, but leave open room for a barbecue or some outdoor seating. If you’re having trouble planning your landscape layout, get in touch with the team at Shape and Form in Melbourne for some expert advice! Your garden can be a fun place to enjoy pleasant weather with friends, so make the space comfortable.

Pay attention to the details

Details matter when buyers are viewing your home. It’s easy to tell when someone has quickly dug a few holes for some plants versus a carefully planned and maintained garden. Keep weeds under control and prune your plants when appropriate. Remember, you are trying to show the buyer how much you care about your yard, and how comfortable they will feel living with it. Trim trees and remove any dead leaves or grass. Focusing on the details will make your garden features pop!

Limit variety of plant species

Too many types of plants, especially in a small space, can feel overwhelming. Your landscape should feel cohesive and put together, not just a random assortment of the brightest flowers you can find. Choose a few plants that are suited to your climate and place them strategically. Have a look around your neighborhood to see which plants flourish the most in your area.

Emphasise the landscape when promoting

Show off your hard work by thoroughly showcasing your landscape. Use your outdoor area as a strong selling point when advertising your home. Be sure to include photos illustrating both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the garden! Always include a garden tour during any home visits as well!

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Any home can be transformed with a thoughtfully designed landscape. Gardens are an outdoor extension of your home, so put the effort in and reap the rewards! If you need help planning or implementing your landscape ideas, contact Shape and Form. Our team has the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life! Add some life to your yard and increase the value of your home today!

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