Landscape Design Principles – Scale, Balance and Proportion February 28, 2022

Landscape Design Principles – Scale, Balance and Proportion February 28, 2022

Shape and Form landscapers are Melbourne’s Inner Eastern suburbs, premier choice for landscaping. Continuously following the design principles of scale, balance and proportion, to create more than just a landscaped area, but the finest quality artistry, when planning every outdoor design.



Our Melbourne-based landscapers achieve balance through the repetition of size, shape, and colour, evenly distributed throughout the landscaping area, whether it is a swimming pool in the backyard or a courtyard at a university. There are two key types of balance when landscaping.


Symmetrical balance refers to coordinated composition of forms and materials. Establishing a theme or style, that creates continuity. When our clients request symmetrical landscaping you can expect an inclusion of balance of colours, plants, stones, and other landscaping features to mirror that of the opposite side of the landscaping area, bringing a formal appearance to the landscape. Strict formality involves control, order, repetition of geometric patterns and perfect symmetry, with lines that tend to be straight and edges clearly defined.


Asymmetry landscaping designs are used when a less formal landscape is desired, softening the view. This refers to having a landscape that does not mirror the opposite side of the area. The asymmetrical landscape is created to intentionally be almost mystical in appearance, but most certainly not disorderly or cluttered with shapes and colours in random order. Technique and precise colour selection is still most certainly paramount in an asymmetrical garden.

Each side does not have to be identical to feel balanced. One side of the landscape area may well include a variety of plants, while the other side may include plants that differ in size, colour, shape, and include other landscaping structures such as walls, decking, or lighting. All whilst delivering an aesthetically pleasing appearance.



Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion are other important principles of landscaping that our landscape design services apply, when creating one of our incredible designs and layouts. A sense of scale when designing landscapes, keeping size and distance in mind, provide functional and spatial configurations. This will create a landscape with a visually and aesthetically pleasing organization of the site. The way landscaping features fit in with the area, can have a dramatic effect on the way the landscape is perceived.

Our talented and professional landscape designers take into consideration the existing landscaping elements and their relationship to the size of the surroundings. The goal is to balance the scale of the objects to not only each other, but to their surrounding environment. Our professionals keep your designs in scale and proportion in accordance with the dimensions of the area, plant types, focal points, lines of the area, and the relationship between the street, existing structures, and driveways.



Whether you are looking for a formal or informal landscaping design, or a combination of the two, residential or commercial, our team are the leading choice. We are a first-rate option for your pergolas and plantings, feature walls, decking, garden lighting, paving, concreting and anything else your imagination may desire for your outdoor space.

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