What Is The Cost Of A Typical Landscape Design? June 12, 2017

What Is The Cost Of A Typical Landscape Design? June 12, 2017

The cost of a landscape design is influenced by many factors. The three main factors that effect the cost of a design include, the overall size of your property, how detailed you require the design, and the features you want to include in the landscape. These three factors have will effect the amount of time your landscape design will take to produce and therefore the design fee charged.

Overall Size

The overall size of your property is a large contributing factor to the price of a landscape design. The larger your property the more time is needed to measure the site and map out height changes with a laser level. Generally the larger your property the more features will be to include in the landscape, such as a swimming pool for example. Our design fee is based on a standard sized block of 1000 square metres and is adjusted for smaller or larger properties. We also deduct our design fee from our construction quote, should you engage us to build your project.

How Detailed Does Your Design Need To Be?

Knowing how detailed you need your design to be will greatly influence the price of your landscape design. Are you just after a concept plan that conveys an idea of the finished landscape but doesn’t have a large amount of detail such as plant species, heights of walls or construction specifications included? Or do you need to adhere to a council planning permit, which will require a vast amount of detail including all materials to be used, footing sizes for walls, and appropriate plant species for your local area? Council may also require specific drawings that communicate the layout of irrigation and garden lighting. The less time it takes to prepare your landscape design the lower the overall cost should be.

Features In the Landscape

What do you want from your garden? The more feature that are included in your outdoor space such as a water feature, swimming pool, privacy screens, front fence, decking, statues etc. the more time it will take to produce your landscape design, and therefore the expensive it will be.

Good quality landscape design is a skill that is practiced and acquired over a long period of time through working with different construction materials and plants. Landscape designers are worth their design fees, a professional well thought-out design will enhance the value and beauty of your home.

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