5 Tips For a Winter Landscape Design May 13, 2018

5 Tips For a Winter Landscape Design May 13, 2018

Winter is just around the corner and while people in Europe generally lock themselves indoors for the winter, the beauty of Melbourne (or Australian weather in general) is that we don’t have to! Implementing good landscape design practices is a fantastic way to ensure your yard is not only utilised during the colder months but is comfortable as well.

So if you’re considering landscaping your garden, there is no better time! Here are our top 5 tips for a great winter landscape design:

Planting to Suit the Conditions

When designing your garden, choose plants that are going to survive in all kinds of weather. Melbourne winters aren’t predictable – one day it could be cold and raining, the next it can be sunny and 23 degrees! You need to choose plants that suit our climate zone and usually that means plants that are frost tolerant. For large spaces and privacy screening, choose from Evergreens, such as Waterhousia floribunda or Ornamental pears. If you’re after a great hedging shrub you can’t go past Westringia ‘Wynabbie Gem’ while natives such as Grevillea Bronze Rambler or Myoporium are great ground covers.

Fire It Up

Australians love to barbecue and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is as long as your yard is ready! A firepit is a great way to sit back with friends and family for a feast, while also staying warm. It’s a great enhancement to any landscape design and aesthetically pleasing.

Fire pits are available in a range of sizes and shapes, designed to suit all types of outdoor setting. From round pits to deep ones, shallow pits to square ones; there is a pit to suit all household requirements and budgets. Not only will a fire pit keep you warm on those chilly days, but also provides a great cooking option for the more adventurous!

Heating Enhancements

If you live more towards the mountains where temperatures are regularly below zero (or you really just don’t like cold weather), you might also consider heating panels around the flooring of your patio or deck, gas stand patio heaters, or ceramic electric lamps to keep things warm. Plastic drop down blinds help considerably in keeping the warm air enclosed

Landscape Lighting

In winter the days are shorter, and the sun sets earlier. Enjoying your warm outdoors also comes down to being able to see and experience your garden. Ensure you choose great lighting options for your landscape design. Lighting ideas could include Up-lights beneath larger trees, lighting up pathways with ground level lights or bollards, choosing to add up/down lights to a pier or column. Garden lighting done right, can make your garden feel warm and inviting.

The Right Landscape Contractor

The final thing you can do to have a great winter garden, is to hire the right landscape designer or contractor to do the work for you. A professional landscaping company will have the right advice, experience and ideas. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Happy Landscaping

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