What To Expect From An Initial Design Consultation December 4, 2017

What To Expect From An Initial Design Consultation 'December

YES – Questions about what you want to achieve with your garden

YES – Questions that will give your designer a better understanding of your taste and style

YES – Some suggestions based on your answers

YES – A fee proposal for producing a landscape design

NO – A complete comprehensive solution to your garden including plant selection

NO – Recommendations or thoughts without first receiving your input

The initial design consultation is like a job interview of sorts. The client or home owner is trying to determine whether the designer is right for them. It’s important that the home owner chooses the right landscape designer for their style and garden needs. The landscape designer needs to be someone they can collaborate with and feel comfortable working alongside to make the final decisions regarding materials and plants.

The first meeting usually takes place on site, so that the designer can visualise the area they will be designing. The client should expect many questions from the designer such as;

  • What do you want to achieve from your space?
  • Is lawn an important factor in your garden?
  • Do you have children that may want to kick a ball?
  • Do you have a certain style of garden in mind – Formal, Informal, English, Mediterranean?
  • What is your Budget. How much is too much?

It is not unusual for some designers to request that potential clients fill out a questionnaire prior to the initial consultation outlining the answers to these questions.

Expect the designer to tell you her/his background, where they came from and some of there past achievements and influences. The more you know about someone the better equipped you are to decide if they’re the right designer for you.

Once the landscape designer has viewed the site, they’ll give you a fee proposal for producing a landscape design, tailored to your needs. You should always ask that the fee proposal be in writing, so that there is no misunderstanding later. Some designers charge for the initial consult others don’t. Always clarify this point prior to the initial consultation.

Once you accept the fee proposal you’ve commenced the process of designing a beautiful well thought out space.

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