How To Choose The Right Landscape Designer October 14, 2017

How To Choose The Right Landscape Designer October 14, 2017

Designing your outdoor space from scratch or renovating an existing space is exciting, but can often be overwhelming. It is a process that takes time, perception, vision and experience to execute correctly. An experienced landscape designer should bring these attributes to your project, helping you create your perfect garden. Choosing the right landscape designer can be a task. There are literally hundreds of landscape designers out there in the marketplace, each offering a slightly different service. Some are solely designers whilst others offer construction services to compliment design. Some charge a few hundred dollars whilst others are thousands.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right landscape designer for your project.

Interview More Than One Designer

Don’t hire the first designer you meet. Interview more than one designer. Talk to them about their design experience. Note whether they listen and take on your ideas for the garden. It’s important that their personality is aligned with your own. After all you may be working with them for sometime, nutting through the finer details of your design, therefore it’s important that you can communicate with them easily.

Evaluate their Experience

Having vast experience in the landscape industry doesn’t necessarily make someone the best landscape designer. A young energetic, passionate designer’s creativity, may make up for their lack of industry experience. That said, there are many situations where experience does make a difference, especially on tricky site such as steep blocks.

Study their Portfolio

Websites are king. Any professional landscape designer will have website to showcase their completed projects. Look at how their finished projects present, are they in line with your own expectations? Viewing a designer’s portfolio should give you some insight into how they view the site and their style of landscape design and can go a long way into helping you decide on which landscape designer is right for your project.

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